The animation namespace of Aspose.3D, all animation related classes are defined in this namespace


Class Description
AnimationChannel A channel maps property’s component field to a set of keyframe sequences
AnimationClip The Animation clip is a collection of animations. The scene can have one or more animation clips.
AnimationNode Aspose.3D’s supports animation hierarchy, each animation can be composed by several animations and animation’s key-frame definition. AnimationNode defines the transformation of a property value over time, for example, animation node can be used to control a node’s transformation or other A3DObject object’s numerical properties.
BindPoint A BindPoint is usually created on an object’s property, some property types contains multiple component fields(like a Vector3 field), BindPoint will generate channel for each component field and connects the field to one or more keyframe sequence instance(s) through the channels.
Extrapolation Extrapolation defines how to do when sampled value is out of the range which defined by the first and last key-frames.
KeyFrame A key frame is mainly defined by a time and a value, for some interpolation types, tangent/tension/bias/continuity is also used by calculating the final sampled value. Sampled values in a non-key-frame time position is interpolated by key-frames between the previous and next key-frames Value before/after the first/last key-frame are calculated by the Extrapolation class.
KeyframeSequence The sequence of key-frames, it describes the transformation of a sampled value over time.


Enumeration Description
ExtrapolationType Extrapolation type.
Interpolation The key frame’s interpolation type.
StepMode Interpolation step mode.
WeightedMode Weighted mode.