VertexElementSmoothingGroup class

A smoothing group is a group of polygons in a polygon mesh which should appear to form a smooth surface. Some early 3d modeling software like 3D studio max for DOS used smoothing group to void storing normal vector for each mesh vertex.

public class VertexElementSmoothingGroup : VertexElementIntsTemplate


Name Description
VertexElementSmoothingGroup() Initializes a new instance of the VertexElementSmoothingGroup class.


Name Description
Data { get; } Gets the vertex data
Indices { get; } Gets the indices data
MappingMode { get; set; } Gets or sets how the element is mapped.
Name { get; set; } Gets or sets the name.
ReferenceMode { get; set; } Gets or sets how the element is referenced.
VertexElementType { get; } Gets the type of the VertexElement


Name Description
override Clear() Removes all elements from the direct and the index arrays.
CopyTo(VertexElementIntsTemplate) Copies data to specified element
SetData(int[]) Load data
SetIndices(int[]) Load indices
override ToString() String representation of vertex element.

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