VertexElementType enumeration

The type of the vertex element, defined how it will be used in modeling.

public enum VertexElementType


Name Value Description
Binormal 0 Binormal vector, see VertexElementBinormal
Normal 1 Normal vector, see VertexElementNormal
Tangent 2 Tangent vector, see VertexElementTangent
Material 3 Material index, see VertexElementMaterial
PolygonGroup 4 Polygon group index, see VertexElementPolygonGroup
UV 5 Texture UV coordinate, see VertexElementUV
VertexColor 6 Vertex color, see VertexElementVertexColor
SmoothingGroup 7 Smoothing group, See VertexElementSmoothingGroup
VertexCrease 8 Vertex crease, See VertexElementVertexCrease
EdgeCrease 9 Edge crease, VertexElementEdgeCrease
UserData 10 User data, usually for application-specific purpose, See VertexElementUserData
Visibility 11 Visibility for components, see VertexElementVisibility
Specular 12 Specular colors, see VertexElementSpecular
Weight 13 Blend weights, see VertexElementWeight
Hole 14 Holes, see VertexElementHole

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