RvmFormat class

The RVM Format

public class RvmFormat : FileFormat


Name Description
CanExport { get; } Gets whether Aspose.3D supports export scene to current file format.
CanImport { get; } Gets whether Aspose.3D supports import scene from current file format.
ContentType { get; } Gets file format content type
Extension { get; } Gets the extension name of this type.
Extensions { get; } Gets the extension names of this type.
FileFormatType { get; } Gets file format type
Version { get; } Gets file format version


Name Description
CreateLoadOptions() Create a default load options for this file format
CreateSaveOptions() Create a default save options for this file format
LoadAttributes(Scene, Stream, string) Load the attributes from specified stream
LoadAttributes(Scene, string, string) Load the attributes from specified file name
override ToString() Formats to string

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