All rendering related classes are defined in this namespace


Class Description
DescriptorSetUpdater This class allows to update the IDescriptorSet in a chain operation.
DriverException The exception raised by internal rendering drivers.
EntityRenderer Subclass this to implement rendering for different kind of entities.
EntityRendererKey The key of registered entity renderer
GLSLSource The source code of shaders in GLSL
InitializationException Exceptions in render pipeline initialization
PostProcessing The post-processing effects
PushConstant A utility to provide data to shader through push constant.
Renderer The context about renderer.
RendererVariableManager This class manages variables used in rendering
RenderFactory RenderFactory creates all resources that represented in rendering pipeline.
RenderParameters Describe the parameters of the render target
RenderResource The abstract class of all render resources All render resources will be disposed when the renderer is released. Classes like Mesh/Texture will have a corresponding RenderResource
RenderState Render state for building the pipeline The changes made on render state will not affect the created pipeline instances.
ShaderException Shader related exceptions
ShaderProgram The shader program
ShaderSet Shader programs for each kind of materials
ShaderSource The source code of shader
ShaderVariable Shader variable
SPIRVSource The compiled shader in SPIR-V format.
StencilState Stencil states per face.
TextureData This class contains the raw data and format definition of a texture.
Viewport A IRenderTarget contains at least one viewport for rendering the scene.
WindowHandle Encapsulated window handle for different platforms.


Interface Description
IBuffer The base interface of all managed buffers used in rendering
ICommandList Encodes a sequence of commands which will be sent to GPU to render.
IDescriptorSet The descriptor sets describes different resources that can be used to bind to the render pipeline like buffers, textures
IIndexBuffer The index buffer describes the geometry used in rendering pipeline.
IPipeline The pre-baked sequence of operations to draw in GPU side.
IRenderQueue Entity renderer uses this queue to manage render tasks.
IRenderTarget The base interface of render target
IRenderTexture The interface of render texture
IRenderWindow IRenderWindow represents the native window created by operating system that supports rendering.
ITexture1D 1D texture
ITexture2D 2D texture
ITextureCubemap Cube map texture
ITextureUnit ITextureUnit represents a texture in the memory that shared between GPU and CPU and can be sampled by the shader, where the Texture only represents a reference to an external file. More details can be found
IVertexBuffer The vertex buffer holds the polygon vertex data that will be sent to rendering pipeline


Enumeration Description
BlendFactor Blend factor specify pixel arithmetic.
CompareFunction The compare function used in depth/stencil testing.
CubeFace Each face of the cube map texture
CullFaceMode What face to cull
DrawOperation The primitive types to render
EntityRendererFeatures The extra features that the entity renderer will provide
FrontFace Define front- and back-facing polygons
IndexDataType The data type of the elements in IIndexBuffer
PixelFormat The pixel’s format used in texture unit.
PolygonMode The polygon rasterization mode
PresetShaders This defines the preset internal shaders used by the renderer.
RenderQueueGroupId The group id of render queue
RenderStage The render stage
ShaderStage Shader stage
StencilAction The stencil test actions
TextureType The type of the ITextureUnit