EntityRenderer class

Subclass this to implement rendering for different kind of entities.

public class EntityRenderer


Name Description
EntityRenderer(string) Constructor of EntityRenderer
EntityRenderer(string, EntityRendererFeatures) Constructor of EntityRenderer


Name Description
virtual Dispose() The entity renderer is being disposed, release shared resources.
virtual FrameBegin(Renderer, IRenderQueue) Begin rendering a frame
virtual FrameEnd(Renderer, IRenderQueue) Ends rendering a frame
virtual Initialize(Renderer) Initialize the entity renderer
virtual PrepareRenderQueue(Renderer, IRenderQueue, Node, Entity) Prepare rendering commands for specified node/entity pair.
virtual RenderEntity(Renderer, ICommandList, Node, object, int) Each render task pushed to the IRenderQueue will have a corresponding RenderEntity call to perform the concrete rendering job.
virtual ResetSceneCache() The scene has changed or removed, need to dispose scene-level render resources in this

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