RendererVariableManager class

This class manages variables used in rendering

public abstract class RendererVariableManager


Name Description
CameraPosition { get; set; } Camera’s position in world coordinate system
DepthBias { get; set; } Depth bias for shadow mapping, default value is 0.001
MatrixLightSpace { get; set; } Matrix for light space transformation
MatrixProjection { get; set; } Matrix for projection transformation
MatrixView { get; set; } Matrix for view transformation
MatrixViewProjection { get; } Matrix for view and projection transformation.
MatrixWorld { get; } Matrix for world transformation
MatrixWorldNormal { get; } Matrix for converting normal from object to world space.
MatrixWorldViewProjection { get; } Matrix for world view and projection transformation
ShadowCaster { get; set; } Position of shadow caster in world coordinate system
Shadowmap { get; set; } The depth texture used for shadow mapping
ViewportSize { get; } Size of viewport, measured in pixel
WorldAmbient { get; } Ambient color defined in viewport.
WorldTime { get; } Time in seconds

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