All shading related classes are defined in this namespace.


Class Description
LambertMaterial Material for lambert shading model
Material Material defines the parameters necessary for visual appearance of geometry. Aspose.3D provides shading model for LambertMaterial, PhongMaterial and ShaderMaterial
PbrMaterial Material for physically based rendering based on albedo color/metallic/roughness
PbrSpecularMaterial Material for physically based rendering based on diffuse color/specular/glossiness
PhongMaterial Material for blinn-phong shading model.
ShaderMaterial A shader material allows to describe the material by external rendering engine or shader language. ShaderMaterial uses ShaderTechnique to describe the concrete rendering details, and the most suitable one will be used according to the final rendering platform. For example, your ShaderMaterial instance can have two technique, one is defined by HLSL, and another is defined by GLSL Under non-window platform the GLSL should be used instead of HLSL
ShaderTechnique A shader technique represents a concrete rendering implementation.
Texture This class defines the texture from an external file.
TextureBase Base class for all concrete textures. Texture defines the look and feel of a geometry surface.
TextureSlot Texture slot in Material, can be enumerated through material instance.


Enumeration Description
AlphaSource Defines whether the texture contains the alpha channel.
TextureFilter Filter options during texture sampling.
WrapMode Texture’s wrap mode.