All utility classes are defined in this namespace.


Class Description
DummyFileSystem Read/write operations are dummy operations.
FileSystem File system encapsulation. Aspose.3D will use this to read/write dependencies.
IOUtils Utilities to write matrix/vector to binary writer
LocalFileSystem The LocalFileSystem will maps the read/write operations to local directory.
MathUtils A set of useful mathematical utilities.
MemoryFileSystem The MemoryFileSystem will maps the read/write operations to memory.
ParseException Exception when Aspose.3D failed to parse the input.
SemanticAttribute Allow user to use their own structure for static declaration of VertexDeclaration
TransformBuilder The TransformBuilder is used to build transform matrix by a chain of transformations.
Vertex Vertex reference, used to access the raw vertex in TriMesh.
VertexDeclaration The declaration of a custom defined vertex’s structure
VertexField Vertex’s field memory layout description.
Watermark Utility to encode/decode blind watermark to/from a mesh.
ZipArchiveFileSystem File system to provide to the read-only access to speicified zip file or zip stream. File system will be disposed after the open/save operation.


Interface Description
IArrayList<T> Aspose.3D has its own highly optimized implementation of List for better loading/saving performance Only this interface is exposed for user with IList compatible and similar interfaces.


Enumeration Description
BoundingBoxExtent The extent of the bounding box
ComposeOrder The order to compose transform matrix
VertexFieldDataType Vertex field’s data type
VertexFieldSemantic The semantic of the vertex field