FileFormatType class

File format type

public sealed class FileFormatType


Name Description
override ToString() Get the name of this file format type


Name Description
static readonly AMF Additive manufacturing file format
static readonly ASE 3D Studio Max’s ASCII Scene Exporter format.
static readonly Aspose3DWeb Aspose.3D Web format.
static readonly COLLADA Khronos Group’s Collada file format.
static readonly Discreet3DS Discreet 3D Studio’s file format
static readonly Draco Google Draco Mesh
static readonly DXF AutoCAD DXF
static readonly FBX FBX file format type
static readonly GLTF Khronos Group’s glTF
static readonly HTML5 HTML5 File
static readonly Microsoft3MF 3D Manufacturing Format
static readonly Pcd Point Cloud Data used by Point Cloud Library
static readonly PDF Portable Document Format
static readonly PLY Polygon File Format or Stanford Triangle Format
static readonly Rvm AVEVA Plant Design Management System Model.
static readonly SiemensJT Siemens PLM Software NX’s JT File
static readonly STL STL file format type
static readonly Universal3D Universal 3D file format type
static readonly USD Universal Scene Description
static readonly VRML The Virtual Reality Modeling Language
static readonly WavefrontOBJ Wavefront OBJ format type
static readonly X DirectX’s X File
static readonly Xyz Xyz point cloud file
static readonly Zip Zip archive that contains other 3d file format.

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