Property class

Class to hold user-defined properties.

public abstract class Property : A3DObject


Name Description
override Name { set; }
Properties { get; } Gets the collection of all properties.
abstract Value { get; set; } Gets or sets the value.
abstract ValueType { get; } Gets the type of the property value.


Name Description
FindProperty(string) Finds the property. It can be a dynamic property (Created by CreateDynamicProperty/SetProperty) or native property(Identified by its name)
GetBindPoint(AnimationNode, bool) Gets the property bind point on specified animation instance.
GetKeyframeSequence(AnimationNode, bool) Gets the keyframe sequence on specified animation instance.
GetProperty(string) Get the value of specified property
RemoveProperty(Property) Removes a dynamic property.
RemoveProperty(string) Remove the specified property identified by name
SetProperty(string, object) Sets the value of specified property
override ToString() Returns a string that represents the current Property.

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