DataMatrixEncodeMode enumeration

DataMatrix encoder’s encoding mode, default to Auto

public enum DataMatrixEncodeMode


Name Value Description
Auto 0 Automatically pick up the best encode mode for Datamatrix encoding
ASCII 1 Encodes one alphanumeric or two numeric characters per byte
Full 6 Encode 8 bit values
Custom 7 Encode with the encoding specified in BarcodeGenerator.Parameters.Barcode.DataMatrix.CodeTextEncoding
C40 8 Uses C40 encoding. Encodes Upper-case alphanumeric, Lower case and special characters
Text 9 Uses Text encoding. Encodes Lower-case alphanumeric, Upper case and special characters
EDIFACT 10 Uses EDIFACT encoding. Uses six bits per character, encodes digits, upper-case letters, and many punctuation marks, but has no support for lower-case letters.
ANSIX12 11 Uses ANSI X12 encoding.
ExtendedCodetext 12 ExtendedCodetext mode allows to manually switch encodation schemes in codetext.

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