QrParameters class

QR parameters.

public class QrParameters


Name Description
AspectRatio { get; set; } Height/Width ratio of 2D BarCode module.
CodeTextEncoding { get; set; } Gets or sets the encoding of codetext. Default value: UTF-8
QrECIEncoding { get; set; } Extended Channel Interpretation Identifiers. It is used to tell the barcode reader details about the used references for encoding the data in the symbol. Current implementation consists all well known charset encodings.
QrEncodeMode { get; set; } QR symbology type of BarCode’s encoding mode. Default value: QREncodeMode.Auto.
QrEncodeType { get; set; } QR / MicroQR selector mode. Select ForceQR for standard QR symbols, Auto for MicroQR.
QrErrorLevel { get; set; } Level of Reed-Solomon error correction for QR barcode. From low to high: LevelL, LevelM, LevelQ, LevelH. see QRErrorLevel.
QrVersion { get; set; } Version of QR Code. From Version1 to Version40 for QR code and from M1 to M4 for MicroQr. Default value is QRVersion.Auto.
StructuredAppend { get; set; } QR structured append parameters.


Name Description
override ToString() Returns a human-readable string representation of this QrParameters.

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