DgnCellHeaderElement class

Represents cell header element

public class DgnCellHeaderElement : DgnDrawingElementBase, ICompositeDgnElement


Name Description
Childs { get; } Gets childs of the composite element
ClassBitmap { get; } Gets cell’s class bit map
Levels { get; } Gets array of levels used in cell
override MaxPoint { get; } Gets the max point of object.
Metadata { get; } Gets element metadata
override MinPoint { get; } Gets the min point of object.
Name { get; } Gets cell name
Origin { get; } Gets cell’s origin point
RangeBlockHi { get; } Gets cell’s range block hi
RangeBlockLow { get; } Gets cell’s range block low
Rotation { get; } Gets cell’s rotation angle
TransFormationMatrix { get; } Gets cell’s 2D/3D transformation matrix
XScale { get; } Gets cell’s x scale
YScale { get; } Gets cell’s y scale


Name Description
AddChild(DgnElement) Adds element as a child

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