The namespace handles Dwf whip objects processing.


Class Description
DwfWhipContourSet Represents Whip contour set object
DwfWhipDrawable Represents Whip drawable object
DwfWhipEllipse Represents Ellipse
DwfWhipFilledEllipse Represents Filled Ellipse
DwfWhipGouraudPointSet DwfWhipGouraudPointSet class
DwfWhipGouraudPolyline DwfWhipGouraudPolyline class
DwfWhipGouraudPolytriangle DwfWhipGouraudPolytriangle class
DwfWhipImage DwfWhipImage class
DwfWhipImageBase Represents whip PNG group for image object
DwfWhipOutlineEllipse Represents outline Ellipse (just contour)
DwfWhipPNGGroup4Image Represents whip PNG group for image object
DwfWhipPointSet Represents point set object
DwfWhipPolygon Represents Polygon
DwfWhipPolyline Represents polyline
DwfWhipPolymarker A drawing object describing a POLYMARKER (a set of points).
DwfWhipPolytriangle Represents Polytriangle