Aspose::Cells::Charts::IDropBars Class Referenceabstract

Represents the up/down bars in a chart. More...

Inherits Object.

Public Member Functions

virtual intrusive_ptr< Aspose::Cells::Drawing::ILineGetBorderILine ()=0
 Gets the border ILine More...
virtual intrusive_ptr< Aspose::Cells::Drawing::IAreaGetIArea ()=0
 Gets the IArea More...

Detailed Description

Represents the up/down bars in a chart.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetBorderILine()

virtual intrusive_ptr<Aspose::Cells::Drawing::ILine> Aspose::Cells::Charts::IDropBars::GetBorderILine ( )
pure virtual

Gets the border ILine

◆ GetIArea()

virtual intrusive_ptr<Aspose::Cells::Drawing::IArea> Aspose::Cells::Charts::IDropBars::GetIArea ( )
pure virtual

Gets the IArea