Aspose::Cells::IScenarioInputCellCollection Class Referenceabstract

Represents the list of the scenario's input cells. More...

Inherits CollectionBase.

Public Member Functions

virtual intrusive_ptr< Aspose::Cells::IScenarioInputCellGetObjectByIndex (Aspose::Cells::Systems::Int32 index)=0
 Gets IScenarioInputCell by index in the list. More...
virtual Aspose::Cells::Systems::Int32 Add (Aspose::Cells::Systems::Int32 row, Aspose::Cells::Systems::Int32 column, intrusive_ptr< Aspose::Cells::Systems::String > value)=0
 Adds an input cell. More...

Detailed Description

Represents the list of the scenario's input cells.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Add()

virtual Aspose::Cells::Systems::Int32 Aspose::Cells::IScenarioInputCellCollection::Add ( Aspose::Cells::Systems::Int32  row,
Aspose::Cells::Systems::Int32  column,
intrusive_ptr< Aspose::Cells::Systems::String >  value 
pure virtual

Adds an input cell.

rowThe row index of input cell.
columnThe column index of input cell.
valueThe value of input cell.

◆ GetObjectByIndex()

virtual intrusive_ptr<Aspose::Cells::IScenarioInputCell> Aspose::Cells::IScenarioInputCellCollection::GetObjectByIndex ( Aspose::Cells::Systems::Int32  index)
pure virtual

Gets IScenarioInputCell by index in the list.

indexThe specific index in the list
The IScenarioInputCell object