Contains all classes of Texts.


Class Description
AutoNumberedBulletValue Represents automatic numbered bullet.
Bullet Represents the bullet.
BulletValue Represents the value of the bullet.
CharacterBulletValue Represents the character bullet.
FontSettingCollection Represents the list of FontSetting.
NoneBulletValue Represents no bullet.
PictureBulletValue Represents the value of the image bullet.
ShapeTextAlignment Represents the setting of shape’s text alignment;
TextOptions Represents the text options.
TextParagraph Represents the text paragraph setting.
TextParagraphCollection Represents all text paragraph.
TextTabStop Represents tab stop.
TextTabStopCollection Represents the list of all tab stops.


Enumeration Description
BulletType Represents the type of the bullet.
LineSpaceSizeType Represents the unit type of line space size.
TextAutonumberScheme Represents all automatic number scheme.
TextFontAlignType Represents the different types of font alignment.
TextNodeType Represents the node type.
TextTabAlignmentType Represents the text tab alignment types.
TextVerticalType Represents the text direct type.