Contains all classes of external connections.


Class Description
ConnectionParameter Specifies properties about any parameters used with external data connections Parameters are valid for ODBC and web queries.
ConnectionParameterCollection Specifies the ConnectionParameter collection
DBConnection Specifies all properties associated with an ODBC or OLE DB external data connection.
ExternalConnection Specifies an external data connection
ExternalConnectionCollection Specifies the ExternalConnection collection
WebQueryConnection Specifies the properties for a web query source. A web query will retrieve data from HTML tables, and can also supply HTTP “Get” parameters to be processed by the web server in generating the HTML by including the parameters and parameter elements.


Enumeration Description
ConnectionDataSourceType Specifies external database source type
ConnectionParameterType Specifies the parameter type of external connection
CredentialsMethodType Specifies Credentials method used for server access.
HtmlFormatHandlingType Specifies how to handle formatting from the HTML source
OLEDBCommandType Specifies the OLE DB command type.
ReConnectionMethodType Specifies what the spreadsheet application should do when a connection fails.
SqlDataType Specifies SQL data type of the parameter. Only valid for ODBC sources.