Contains all classes of of GridJs.


Class Description
Config Represents all the settings for GridJs
GridAbstractCalculationEngine Represents user’s custom calculation engine to extend the default calculation engine of Aspose.Cells.
GridCacheForStream This class contains the cache operations for GridJs. User shall implement his own business logic for storage based on it..
GridCalculationData Represents the required data when calculating one function, such as function name, parameters, …etc.
GridCellException The exception that is thrown when GridJs specified error occurs.
GridInterruptMonitor Represents all operator about the interrupt.
GridJsWorkbook Represents the main entry class for GridJs
GridReferredArea Represents a referred area by the formula.
GridWorkbookSettings Represents settings of the workbook.


Enumeration Description
GridExceptionType Represents custom exception code for GridJs.
GridLoadFormat Represents the load file format.