The basic namespace of GridWeb.


Class Description
BindColumn BindColumn.
BindColumnCollection BindColumnCollection.
CellEventArgs Provides data for cell events.
CustomCommandButton Represents a custom command button in the tab bar of the GridWeb control.
CustomCommandButtonCollection Represents the collection of CustomCommandButton.
ExtWebControl Extend the WebControl class, internal use only.
GridTableItemStyle Inherited from System.Web.UI.WebControls.TableItemStyle. Encapsulates the styles of a WebCell.
GridTableStyle Inherited from System.Web.UI.WebControls.TableStyle. Represents the style of a web table. Please refer to .NET SDK document about System.Web.UI.WebControls.TableStyle for further information.
GridWebForm GridWebForm control. It works with the GridWeb control. Set the GridWebControl property for it before run it.
GridWorksheetDesign Inherited from GridWorksheet. Used in design-time only.
License Provides methods to license the component.
MainWeb Parent class of GridWeb control.Internal use only.
RowColumnEventArgs Provides data for row/column events.
ViewerStyleTemplate ViewerStyleTemplate.
WebBorderStyle Encapsulates the style of web table or cell border.
WorksheetDesign Inherited from WebWorksheet. Used in design-time only.


Enumeration Description
BorderCollapseType Collapse type of a table’s border object.
CustomCommandButtonType Represents the type of a custom command.
LayoutFixedType Layout fixed type of a table object.
PresetStyle Represents the preset style or an GridWeb control. By far, we provide 7 preset styles.
RowColumnType Represents the row/column type of the row/column events.
SessionMode Represents the session mode of the grid.
SetBorderPosition Represents the border position to be set of a cells range.
ValidationType Represents customer side validation type. AnyValue represents no validation.