Contains all classes of PivotTable.


Class Description
PivotField Represents a field in a PivotTable report.
PivotFieldCollection Represents a collection of all the PivotField objects in the PivotTable’s specific PivotFields type.
PivotFilter Represents a PivotFilter in PivotFilter Collection.
PivotFilterCollection Represents a collection of all the PivotFilter objects
PivotFormatCondition Represents a PivotTable Format Condition in PivotFormatCondition Collection.
PivotFormatConditionCollection Represents PivotTable Format Conditions.
PivotItem Represents a item in a PivotField report.
PivotItemCollection Represents a collection of all the PivotItem objects in the PivotField’s
PivotPageFields Represents the pivot page field items if the pivot table data source is consolidation ranges. It only can contain up to 4 fields.
PivotTable Summary description for PivotTable.
PivotTableCollection Represents the collection of all the PivotTable objects on the specified worksheet.
SxRng Represents Group Range in a PivotField.


Enumeration Description
PivotConditionFormatRuleType Represents PivotTable condition formatting rule type.
PivotConditionFormatScopeType Represents PivotTable condition formatting scope type.
PivotFieldDataDisplayFormat Represents data display format in the PivotTable data field.
PivotFieldSubtotalType Summary description for PivotFieldSubtotalType.
PivotFieldType Represents PivotTable field type.
PivotFilterType Represents PivotTable Filter type.
PivotGroupByType Represents PivotTable groupby type.
PivotItemPosition Represents PivotTable base item Next/Previous/All position in the base field .
PivotMissingItemLimitType Represents number of items to retain per field.
PivotTableAutoFormatType Represents PivotTable auto format type.
PivotTableStyleType Represents the pivot table style type.