ContextTypeValue enumeration

Specifies properties of the group or shape to use for the comparison. Possible values are shown in the following table.

public enum ContextTypeValue


Name Value Description
ShapeText 1 Shape text.
ShapeDataItemCustomPropertyLabel 2 Shape-data-item (custom property) label.
UserCellLocalRowName 3 User cell local row name.
GeometryAngle 4 Geometry angle.
GeometryWidth 5 Geometry width.
GeometryHeight 6 Geometry height.
ShapeID 7 Shape ID.
MasterName 8 Master name.
ShapeLocalName 9 Shape local name.
ShapeType 10 Shape type.
Data1 11 Data1.
Data2 12 Data2.
Data3 13 Data3.
Undefined -2147483648 Undefined.

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