DocumentSheet class

Specifies a document’s ShapeSheet structure.

public class DocumentSheet


Name Description
Annotations { get; } Contains elements that contain information about comments inserted into a document page.
ConnectionABCDs { get; } Contains a collection of ConnectionABCD elements.
Connections { get; } Contains a collection of Connection elements.
DocProps { get; } Contains elements that control the document’s preview quality, scope, and output format.
FillStyle { get; set; } StyleSheet element from which this style inherits fill formatting.
Foreign { get; } Contains elements specifying the width and height of an object from another program used in a Microsoft Visio document. Also includes elements specifying the distance the object’s image is offset within its borders.
ForeignData { get; } Contains a MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) encoded BLOB of picture data, such as Windows metafile, bitmap, or OLE data.
Hyperlinks { get; } Contains a collection of Hyperlink elements.
LineStyle { get; set; } StyleSheet element from which this style inherits line formatting.
Name { get; set; } The name of the element.
NameU { get; set; } The universal name of the element.
Props { get; } Contains a collection of Prop elements.
Reviewers { get; } Contains elements that contain identifying information about a document reviewer.
Scratchs { get; } Contains a collection of Scratch elements.
TextStyle { get; set; } StyleSheet element from which this style inherits text formatting.
UniqueID { get; set; } A GUID (globally unique identifier) identifying the shape.
Users { get; } Contains a collection of User elements.

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