FromPartValue enumeration

The part of a shape from which a connection originates.

public enum FromPartValue


Name Value Description
None 0 None.
LeftEdge 1 Left edge.
CenterEdge 2 Center edge.
RightEdge 3 Right Edge.
BottomEdge 4 Bottom Edge.
MiddleEdge 5 Middle Edge.
TopEdge 6 Top Edge.
BeginXCell 7 BeginX cell.
BeginYCell 8 BeginY Cell.
BeginXOrBeginYPoint 9 BeginX/BeginY point.
EndXCell 10 EndX cell.
EndYCell 11 EndY cell.
EndXOrEndYPoint 12 EndX/EndY point.
ControlPoint 100 Control point.
Undefined -2147483648 Undefined.

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