RuleSet class

Represents one set of diagram validation rules.

public class RuleSet


Name Description
RuleSet() Constructor.


Name Description
Description { get; set; } Specifies the description of the validation rule set that appears in the user interface. Default is an empty string.
Enabled { get; set; } Specifies whether the rules in the specified validation rule set are checked when validation is triggered for the current document. Default is True.
ID { get; set; } Specifies the unique identifier of the validation rule set.
Name { get; set; } Specifies the local name of the validation rule set. Defaults to NameU attribute value.
NameU { get; set; } Specifies the universal name of the validation rule set.
Rules { get; } Rule collection.
RuleSetFlags { get; set; } Specifies whether the rule set appears in the Rules to Check list.

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