SnapSettingsValue enumeration

Specifies the objects that shapes snap to when snap is active in the window

public enum SnapSettingsValue


Name Value Description
SnapToNothing 0 Snap to nothing.
SnapToRulerSubdivisions 1 Snap to ruler subdivisions.
SnapToGrid 2 Snap to grid.
SnapToGuides 4 Snap to guides.
SnapToSelectionHandles 8 Snap to selection handles.
SnapToVertices 10 Snap to vertices.
SnapToConnectionPoints 20 Snap to connection points.
SnapToTheVisibleEdgesOfShapes 100 Snap to the visible edges of shapes.
SnapToAlignmentBox 200 Snap to alignment box.
SnapToShapeExtensionsOptions 400 Snap to shape extensions options.
SnapDisabled 8000 Snap disabled.
SnapToIntersections 10000 Snap to intersections.
Undefined FFFFFFFF80000000 Undefined.

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