StyleSheet class

Represents a style defined in a document.

public class StyleSheet


Name Description
StyleSheet() Constructor.


Name Description
Chars { get; } Contains a collection of Char elements.
ConnectionABCDs { get; } Contains a collection of ConnectionABCD elements.
Connections { get; } Contains a collection of Connection elements.
Event { get; } Contains elements that specify formulas that control shape events.
Fill { get; } Contains the current fill formatting values for the shape and the shape’s drop shadow, including pattern, foreground color, and background color.
FillStyle { get; set; } StyleSheet element from which this style inherits fill formatting.
Foreign { get; } Contains elements specifying the width and height of an object from another program used in a Microsoft Visio document. Also includes elements specifying the distance the object’s image is offset within its borders.
ForeignData { get; } Contains a MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) encoded BLOB of picture data, such as Windows metafile, bitmap, or OLE data.
Group { get; } Contains elements that control how you add shapes to a group, move members of a group, and select groups.
Help { get; } Contains elements specifying the Shape element’s Help file topic and copyright information.
ID { get; set; } The unique ID of the element within its parent element.
Image { get; } Contains the gamma, brightness, contrast, blur, sharpen, denoise, and transparency values for a bitmap.
Layout { get; } Contains elements that control shape placement and connector routing settings.
Line { get; } Contains elements that control line attributes for a shape, such as pattern, weight, and color. These elements determine whether the line ends are formatted (for example, with an arrowhead), the size of line end formats, radius of the rounding circle applied to the line, and line cap style (round or square).
LineStyle { get; set; } StyleSheet element from which this style inherits line formatting.
Misc { get; } Contains elements specifying the Shape element’s Help file topic and copyright information.
Name { get; set; } The name of the element.
NameU { get; set; } The universal name of the element.
PageLayout { get; } Contains Diagram that control the page layout settings for shapes and connectors, such as spacing between all shapes on the page, spacing between all connectors on the page, and routing style for all connectors on the page.
Paras { get; } Contains a collection of Para elements.
Protection { get; } Locking helps prevent inadvertent changes to the shape but does not prevent Microsoft Visio from resetting values in other circumstances. It also does not protect against changes made in the ShapeSheet window.
RulerGrid { get; } Contains elements that specify the settings of the page’s rulers and grid.
StyleProp { get; } Contains elements that control style behavior, such as whether a style includes text, line, and fill attributes.
TabsCollection { get; } Contains a collection of Tab elements.
TextBlock { get; } Contains elements that specify the alignment, margins, and default tab stop positions of text in a shape’s text block.
TextStyle { get; set; } StyleSheet element from which this style inherits text formatting.


Name Description
Clone() Creates deep copy of this instance.

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