WindowStateValue enumeration

An integer specifying bit flags. This attribute can be a sum of the following values.

public enum WindowStateValue


Name Value Description
Restored 10000000 Restored.
Maximized 40000000 Maximized.
Minimized 20000000 Minimized.
DockedLeft 1 Docked left.
DockedTop 2 Docked top.
DockedRight 4 Docked right.
DockedBottom 8 Docked bottom.
Doubleing 10 Doubleing.
AnchorLeft 20 Anchor left.
AnchorTop 40 Anchor top.
AnchorRight 80 Anchor right.
AnchorBottom 100 Anchor bottom.
AnchorMerged 400 Anchor merged.
Active 4000000 Active.
Undefined FFFFFFFF80000000 Undefined.

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