Aspose::Email::Amp::SectionHeader Class Reference

Represents the heading for the section More...

Inherits Object.

Public Member Functions

ASPOSE_EMAIL_SHARED_API SectionHeaderType get_Type () const
 Type of header. More...
ASPOSE_EMAIL_SHARED_API void set_Type (SectionHeaderType value)
 Type of header. More...
ASPOSE_EMAIL_SHARED_API System::String get_Value () const
 Header's value. More...
ASPOSE_EMAIL_SHARED_API void set_Value (System::String value)
 Header's value. More...
ASPOSE_EMAIL_SHARED_API SectionHeader (SectionHeaderType type, System::String value)
 Initialaze new instans of SectionHeader. More...

Detailed Description

Represents the heading for the section

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SectionHeader()

ASPOSE_EMAIL_SHARED_API Aspose::Email::Amp::SectionHeader::SectionHeader ( SectionHeaderType  type,
System::String  value 

Initialaze new instans of SectionHeader.


Member Function Documentation

◆ get_Type()

ASPOSE_EMAIL_SHARED_API SectionHeaderType Aspose::Email::Amp::SectionHeader::get_Type ( ) const

Type of header.

◆ get_Value()

ASPOSE_EMAIL_SHARED_API System::String Aspose::Email::Amp::SectionHeader::get_Value ( ) const

Header's value.

◆ set_Type()

ASPOSE_EMAIL_SHARED_API void Aspose::Email::Amp::SectionHeader::set_Type ( SectionHeaderType  value)

Type of header.

◆ set_Value()

ASPOSE_EMAIL_SHARED_API void Aspose::Email::Amp::SectionHeader::set_Value ( System::String  value)

Header's value.