Aspose::Email::IAttachment Class Referenceabstract

Represents a common attachment interface More...

Inherits Object.

Public Member Functions

virtual System::String get_Name ()=0
 Gets an attachment name More...
virtual void set_Name (System::String value)=0
 Sets an attachment name More...
virtual void Save (System::String fileName)=0
 Saves attachment to file More...
virtual void Save (System::SharedPtr< System::IO::Stream > stream)=0
 Saves an attachment to stream More...

Detailed Description

Represents a common attachment interface

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_Name()

virtual System::String Aspose::Email::IAttachment::get_Name ( )
pure virtual

Gets an attachment name

◆ Save() [1/2]

virtual void Aspose::Email::IAttachment::Save ( System::SharedPtr< System::IO::Stream >  stream)
pure virtual

Saves an attachment to stream

streamA stream to save to

◆ Save() [2/2]

virtual void Aspose::Email::IAttachment::Save ( System::String  fileName)
pure virtual

Saves attachment to file

fileNameA file name

◆ set_Name()

virtual void Aspose::Email::IAttachment::set_Name ( System::String  value)
pure virtual

Sets an attachment name