FormField class

Describe one field of form.

public class FormField


Name Description
FormField() Create instance of form field.
FormField(string) Create instance of form field.
FormField(string, string) Create instance of form field.


Name Description
Id { get; set; } Get or set Id of field.
InputType { get; set; } Get or set input type of field.
IsRequired { get; set; } Get or set value that define field as required.
Label { get; set; } Get or set label of field.
Name { get; set; } Get or set name of field.
Placeholder { get; set; } Get or set placeholder of field.
Value { get; set; } Get or set value of field.


Name Description
virtual ToAmpHtml() Represents amp html version of field.
virtual ToHtml() Represents html version of field.

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