The Aspose.Email.Calendar.Recurrences namespace contains classes for work with calendar recurrence patterns.


Class Description
ByDay Represents Nth occurrence (or all occurrences) of the specified day of the week.
ByDayCollection Represents a collection of ByDay objects.
ByNumberCollection Represents a set of months, weeks, days, hours, minutes or seconds in a recurrence rule.
CalendarRecurrence The main class, represents an iCalendar recurrence.
DailyRecurrencePattern Represents a recurrence pattern of daily recurrence type.
DateCollection Represents a collection of DateTime values.
MonthlyRecurrencePattern Represents a recurrence pattern of monthly recurrence type.
RecurrencePattern Represents a recurrence pattern.
RecurrenceRule Represents one recurrence or exception rule in a recurrence pattern.
RecurrenceRuleCollection Represents a collection of RecurrenceRule objects.
WeeklyRecurrencePattern Represents a recurrence pattern of weekly recurrence type.
YearlyRecurrencePattern Represents a recurrence pattern of yearly recurrence type.


Enumeration Description
CalendarDay Represents the day of the week.
CalendarMonth Represents a calendar month.
DayPosition Day positions, typically found in a month.
EndType Specifies how the recurrence rule ends.
Frequency Specifies frequency of the recurrence rule.