SearchResponseStore.Total property

Provides an estimate of the total number of mailbox entries that matched the search Query value. The value of the Total does not always equal the number of entries that are returned. To determine the number of entries that are returned by the Search command, use the Range value. The Total indicates the number of entries that are available. In cases where all the results are returned in the response XML, the value of the Total element is one more than the end-index value that is provided in the Range element. For example, if the Search command returns 15 entries, the value of the Range element is 0–14, while the value of the Total is 15. The Total is used by clients to determine whether more matching entries were found in the mailbox than have been returned by the Search command. For example, a client might perform an initial search and specify a requested Range of 0–4 (return 5 entries maximum). If the Total element indicates that there are actually 25 matching items, the client can then enable the user to retrieve the full results.

public int Total { get; set; }

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