Enum ProjectAction

ProjectAction enumeration

Project action

public enum ProjectAction


Accepted0The user accepted an event or workflow.
Accessed1The user accessed an entity.
Activated2The user activated an entity, event or workflow.
Cancelled3The user cancelled an event or workflow.
CheckedIn4The user check in an entity.
CheckedOut5The user checkout an entity.
Copied6The user copied an entity.
Created7The user created an entity.
Deactivated8The user deactivated an entity.
Deleted9The user deleted an entity.
Exported10The user exported an entity.
ForceCheckedIn11The user caused an entity to be force checked in.
Modified12The user modified an entity.
Published13The user published an entity.
Redacted14The user redacted an entity.
Rejected15The user rejected an entity.
Restarted16The user restarted an event or workflow.
Saved17The user saved an entity.
Sent18The user sent an entity.
Submitted19The user submitted an entity for review or workflow.

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