RecordType enumeration

Audit record types

public enum RecordType


Name Value Description
ExchangeAdmin 1 Events from the Exchange admin audit log.
ExchangeItem 2 Events from an Exchange mailbox audit log for actions that are performed on a single item, such as creating or receiving an email message.
ExchangeItemGroup 3 Events from an Exchange mailbox audit log for actions that can be performed on multiple items, such as moving or deleted one or more email messages.
SharePoint 4 SharePoint events.
SharePointFileOperation 6 SharePoint file operation events.
AzureActiveDirectory 8 Azure Active Directory events.
AzureActiveDirectoryAccountLogon 9 Azure Active Directory OrgId logon events (deprecating).
DataCenterSecurityCmdlet 10 Data Center security cmdlet events.
ComplianceDLPSharePoint 11 Data loss protection (DLP) events in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business.
Sway 12 Events from the Sway service and clients.
ComplianceDLPExchange 13 Data loss protection (DLP) events in Exchange, when configured via Unified DLP Policy. DLP events based on Exchange Transport Rules are not supported.
SharePointSharingOperation 14 SharePoint sharing events.
AzureActiveDirectoryStsLogon 15 Secure Token Service (STS) logon events in Azure Active Directory.
SecurityComplianceCenterEOPCmdlet 18
PowerBIAudit 20 Power BI events.
CRM 21 Microsoft CRM events.
Yammer 22 Yammer events.
SkypeForBusinessCmdlets 23 Skype for Business events.
Discovery 24
MicrosoftTeams 25 Events from Microsoft Teams.
MicrosoftTeamsAddOns 26 Events from Microsoft Teams Add-ons.
MicrosoftTeamsSettingsOperation 27 Settings changes from Microsoft Teams.
ThreatIntelligence 28 Phishing and malware events from Exchange Online Protection and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection.
MicrosoftFlow 30 Microsoft Flow events.
MicrosoftStream 32 Microsoft Stream events.
Project 35 Microsoft Project events.
SharepointListOperation 36 Sharepoint List events.
SecurityComplianceAlerts 40 Security and compliance alert signals.
ThreatIntelligenceUrl 41 Safe links time-of-block and block override events from Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection.
ThreatIntelligenceAtpContent 47 Phishing and malware events for files in SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams from Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection.

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