SharePointMetadata class

Describes metadata about the document in SharePoint or OneDrive for Business that contained the sensitive information.

public class SharePointMetadata


Name Description
SharePointMetadata() The default constructor.


Name Description
DocumentLastModifier { get; set; } The user who last modified the document. Mandatory: Yes
DocumentSharer { get; set; } The user who last modiifed sharing of the document. Mandatory: Yes
FileName { get; set; } Name of the path. Mandatory: Yes
FileOwner { get; set; } The document owner. Mandatory: Yes
FilePathUrl { get; set; } The URL of the document Mandatory: Yes
From { get; set; } The user who triggered the event. This will be either the FileOwner, LastModifier, or LastSharer. Mandatory: Yes
itemCreationTime { get; set; } Datetimestamp in UTC of when event logged. Mandatory: Yes
LastModifiedTime { get; set; } Timestamp in UTC for when doc was last modified. Mandatory: Yes
SiteCollectionGuid { get; set; } The GUID of the site collection. Mandatory: Yes
SiteCollectionUrl { get; set; } Name of the SharePoint site. Mandatory: Yes
UniqueId { get; set; } A guid that identifies the file. Mandatory: Yes

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