The Aspose.Email.Clients.Google namespace provides classes for access to Google account.


Class Description
AccessControlRule Access control rule.
AclScope The scope of the access rule.
BaseDataObject Base class for google data objects.
Calendar A set of metadata, such as a description, for a single calendar.
Colors Set of colors for calendar object
ColorsInfo Contains colors definition for calendars and events
ConferenceProperties Conferencing properties for this calendar.
ContactGroupCollection Represents collection of GmailContactGroup objects
ErrorDetails Error informnation
ExtendedCalendar A set of extended metadata, such as a colors, for a single calendar.
FreebusyCalendarInfo Defines list of free/busy information for specified calendar.
FreebusyGroupInfo Specifies list of calendars that are members of the groups.
FreebusyQuery Request free/busy information for a set of calendars.
FreebusyResponse Freebusy response
Gadget A gadget that extends this event.
GmailClient Base class for Gmail client
GoogleContactGroup Represents a group which owns the contact
Range Time range during which calendar should be regarded as busy.
Reminders Information about the event’s reminders for the authenticated user.


Interface Description
IBaseGmailClient Interface for base class of Gmail client
IGmailClient Represents the interface for Gmail client


Enumeration Description
AccessRole The effective access role that the authenticated user has on the calendar.
AclScopeType The type of the ACL scope.
AllowedConferenceSolutionTypes The types of conference solutions that are supported for this calendar.
NotificationMethod The method used by this notification.
NotificationType The type of notification.
ReminderMethods The method used by this reminder.