Gadget class

A gadget that extends this event.

public class Gadget


Name Description
Gadget() Initializes a new instance of the Gadget class.


Name Description
Display { get; set; } The gadget’s display mode. Optional. Possible values are: “icon” - The gadget displays next to the event’s title in the calendar view. “chip” - The gadget displays when the event is clicked.
Height { get; set; } The gadget’s height in pixels.
IconLink { get; set; } The gadget’s icon URL.
Link { get; set; } The gadget’s URL.
Preferences { get; } The gadget’s preferences
Title { get; set; } The gadget’s title.
Type { get; set; } The gadget’s type.
Width { get; set; } The gadget’s width in pixels.

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