IGmailClient interface

Represents the interface for Gmail client

public interface IGmailClient : IBaseGmailClient


Name Description
ClearCalendar(string) Clears a calendar.
CreateAccessRule(string, AccessControlRule) Creates access rule
CreateAppointment(string, Appointment) Creates an appointment.
CreateCalendar(Calendar) Creates a calendar.
CreateCalendar(Calendar, bool) Creates a calendar.
CreateContact(Contact) Creates contact for specified email
CreateContact(Contact, string) Creates contact for specified email
CreateContactPhoto(Contact, byte[]) Creates contact photo
DeleteAccessRule(string, string) Deletes access rule
DeleteAppointment(string, string) Deletes an appointment.
DeleteCalendar(string) Deletes a calendar.
DeleteContact(string) Deletes specified contact
DeleteContactPhoto(ContactPhoto) Deletes contact photo
FetchAccessRule(string, string) Fetches access rule
FetchAppointment(string, string) Fetches appointment by identifier.
FetchCalendar(string) Fetches calendar by identifier.
GetAllContacts() Fetches all contacts.
GetAllGroups() Fetches all contact groups.
GetColors() Gets color information
GetContact(Contact) Contact to refreshContact object, that represents a contact of gmail when operation fails
GetContact(string) Fetches contact
GetContactsFromGroup(string) Fetches contacts belonging to the group specified.
GetFreebusyInfo(FreebusyQuery) Gets free/busy information
GetPhoto(ContactPhoto) Fetches a contact photo
GetPhoto(string) Fetches a contact photo
GetSetting(string) Gets settings by the name
GetSettings() Gets settings dictionary
ImportAppointment(string, Appointment) Imports appointment to calendar
ListAccessRules(string) Gets list of access rules
ListAppointmentInstances(string, string) Gets list of an appointment instances for calendar.
ListAppointments(string) Gets list of an appointments for calendar.
ListCalendars() Gets array of calendars.
ListCalendars(AccessRole, bool) Gets array of calendars.
MoveAppointment(string, string, string) Moves an appointment to another calendar.
MoveAppointment(string, string, string, bool) Moves an appointment to another calendar.
UpdateAccessRule(string, AccessControlRule) Updates access rule
UpdateAppointment(string, Appointment) Updates an appointment.
UpdateCalendar(Calendar) Updates a calendar
UpdateCalendar(Calendar, bool) Updates a calendar
UpdateContact(Contact) Updates contact
UpdateContactPhoto(ContactPhoto) Creates or updates contact photo

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