FolderInfo class

Represents information about personal folder.

public class FolderInfo : BaseRestObject


Name Description
FolderInfo(MapiPropertyCollection) Initializes a new instance of the FolderInfo class.


Name Description
virtual ContainerClass { get; } Gets container class of the folder object.
virtual ContentCount { get; } Gets the total number of items in the folder.
virtual ContentUnreadCount { get; } Gets the number of unread items in the folder.
virtual DisplayName { get; set; } Gets the display name of folder.
virtual HasSubFolders { get; } Gets a value indicating whether the Folder object has any subfolders.
virtual ItemId { get; } Gets string representation of entry ID.
virtual Properties { get; } Gets the mapi properties.


Name Description
override ToString() Returns a string that represents the current object.

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