OnenoteOperation class

The status of certain long-running OneNote operations.

public class OnenoteOperation


Name Description
OnenoteOperation() The default constructor.


Name Description
CreatedDateTime { get; } The start time of the operation.
Error { get; } The error returned by the operation.
Id { get; } The operation id. Read-only.
IsCreatedDateTimeSpecified { get; } Indicates whether CreatedDateTime property is specified.
IsLastActionDateTimeSpecified { get; } Indicates whether LastActionDateTime property is specified.
LastActionDateTime { get; } The time of the last action of the operation.
PercentComplete { get; } The operation percent complete if the operation is still in running status
ResourceId { get; } The resource id.
ResourceLocation { get; } The resource URI for the object. For example, the resource URI for a copied page or section.
Status { get; } The current status of the operation: notstarted, running, completed, failed

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