ImapIdentificationInfo class

Represents class-container with identification information to exchange between mail client and server. Please, read more rfc2971

public class ImapIdentificationInfo


Name Description
ImapIdentificationInfo() The default constructor.


Name Description
static DefaultValue { get; } Default value
Address { get; set; } Postal address of contact/vendor
Arguments { get; set; } Arguments supplied on the command line, if any.
Command { get; set; } Command used to start the program
Date { get; set; } Date program was released, specified as a date-time in IMAP4rev1
Environment { get; set; } Description of environment, i.e., UNIX environment variables or Windows registry settings
Name { get; set; } Name of the program
Os { get; set; } Name of the operating system
OsVersion { get; set; } Version of the operating system
SupportUrl { get; set; } URL to contact for support
Vendor { get; set; } Vendor of the client server
Version { get; set; } Version number of the program


Name Description
override ToString() Returns a string that represents the current object.

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