ImapMessageInfoCollection class

Provides a container for a collection of ImapMessageInfo objects

public sealed class ImapMessageInfoCollection : Collection<ImapMessageInfo>


Name Description
ImapMessageInfoCollection() Initializes a new instance of the ImapMessageCollection class.
ImapMessageInfoCollection(IEnumerable<ImapMessageInfo>) Initializes a new instance of the ImapMessageCollection class


Name Description
Exceptions { get; } Gets collection of exceptions, that occurred during message processing.
SyncRoot { get; } Gets an object that can be used to synchronize access to the collection.


Name Description
Add(ImapMessageInfo) Adds the ImapMessageInfo to the ImapMessageCollection.
AddRange(IEnumerable<ImapMessageInfo>) Adds the enumeration of ImapMessageInfo objects to the end of the collection
Insert(int, ImapMessageInfo) Insert the specified ImapMessagInfo object at the specified index.
Remove(ImapMessageInfo) Remove specifed ImapMessageInfo object from this collection.
RemoveAt(int) Remove a ImapMessageInfo in specified index from this collection.
implicit operator Converts collection of ImapMessageInfo to array (4 operators)

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