DKIMSignatureInfo class

Represents DKIM signature information.

public class DKIMSignatureInfo


Name Description
DKIMSignatureInfo(string, string) Creates new instance of DKIMSignatureInfo.


Name Description
BodyCanonicalization { get; set; } Gets or sets body canonicalization (c=).
Domain { get; set; } Gets or sets public key DNS domain (d=).
HashAlgorithm { get; set; } Gets or sets hash algorithm (a=).
HeaderCanonicalization { get; set; } Gets or sets header canonicalization (c=).
Headers { get; } Headers that are included in the signature (h=).
Selector { get; set; } Gets or sets public key DNS selector (s=).
Time { get; set; } Gets or sets the signature timestamp - the time that this signature was created (t=). Default (null) is an unknown creation time.

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