FollowUpManager class

Provides the ability to set and handle follow-up Outlook flags and categories. Supports the features to add and remove a flag in MapiMessage, and mark it as completed as well.

public static class FollowUpManager


Name Description
static AddCategory(MapiMessage, string) Adds the category for a message.
static AddVotingButton(MapiMessage, string) Adds the voting button.
static ClearCategories(MapiMessage) Clears the categories.
static ClearFlag(MapiMessage) Clears the follow-up flag and reminder.
static ClearVotingButtons(MapiMessage) Deletes the voting buttons.
static GetCategories(MapiMessage) Get the available message categories.
static GetOptions(MapiMessage) Gets the follow-up options of a message.
static GetVotingButtons(MapiMessage) Get the available message voting buttons.
static MarkAsCompleted(MapiMessage) Marks the flagged message as completed.
static RemoveCategory(MapiMessage, string) Removes the category.
static RemoveVotingButton(MapiMessage, string) Removes the voting button.
static SetFlag(MapiMessage, string) Sets the follow-up flag for a message.
static SetFlag(MapiMessage, string, DateTime, DateTime) Sets the follow-up flag for a message.
static SetFlagForRecipients(MapiMessage, string) Sets the flag for a draft message to remind recipients to follow-up.
static SetFlagForRecipients(MapiMessage, string, DateTime) Sets the flag for a draft message to remind recipients to follow-up.
static SetOptions(MapiMessage, FollowUpOptions) Sets the additional follow-up options for a message.

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