MapiCalendarOverrideFlags enumeration

Specifies what data in the MapiCalendarOverrideFlags structure has a value different from the recurring series.

public enum MapiCalendarOverrideFlags


Name Value Description
Subject 1 Indicates that the Subject, SubjectLength, and SubjectLength2 fields are present.
MeetingType 2 Indicates that the MeetingType field is present.
ReminderDelta 4 Indicates that the ReminderDelta field is present.
Reminder 8 Indicates that the ReminderSet field is present.
Location 10 Indicates that the Location, LocationLength, and LocationLength2 fields are present.
BusyStatus 20 Indicates that the BusyStatus field is present.
Attachment 40 Indicates that the attachment field is present.
Subtype 80 Indicates that the SubType field is present.
AppointmentColor 100 Reserved for future use and MUST NOT be set.
ExceptionalBody 200 Indicates that the Exception Embedded Message object has the PidTagRtfCompressed property set on it.

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