MapiCalendarRecurrenceCalendarType enumeration

Enumerated the calendar type of the mapi recurrence

public enum MapiCalendarRecurrenceCalendarType


Name Value Description
Default 0 The default value for the calendar type is Gregorian. (If the PatternType is HjMonth, HjMonthNth, or HjMonthEnd, and the CalendarType is Default, this recurrence uses the Hijri calendar.)
CAL_GREGORIAN 1 Gregorian (localized) calendar
CAL_GREGORIAN_US 2 Gregorian (U.S.) calendar
CAL_JAPAN 3 Japanese Emperor Era calendar
CAL_TAIWAN 4 Taiwan calendar
CAL_KOREA 5 Korean Tangun Era calendar
CAL_HIJRI 6 Hijri (Arabic Lunar) calendar
CAL_THAI 7 Thai calendar
CAL_HEBREW 8 Hebrew lunar calendar
CAL_GREGORIAN_ME_FRENCH 9 Gregorian Middle East French calendar
CAL_GREGORIAN_ARABIC 10 Gregorian Arabic calendar
CAL_GREGORIAN_XLIT_ENGLISH 11 Gregorian transliterated English calendar
CAL_GREGORIAN_XLIT_FRENCH 12 Gregorian transliterated French calendar
CAL_LUNAR_JAPANESE 14 Japanese lunar calendar
CAL_CHINESE_LUNAR 15 Chinese lunar calendar
CAL_SAKA 16 Saka Era calendar
CAL_LUNAR_ETO_CHN 17 Lunar ETO Chinese calendar
CAL_LUNAR_ETO_KOR 18 Lunar ETO Korean calendar
CAL_LUNAR_ROKUYOU 19 Lunar Rokuyou calendar
CAL_LUNAR_KOREAN 20 Korean lunar calendar
CAL_UMALQURA 23 Um Al Qura calendar

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