OleDocumentFormat class

Represents the format for OLE document.

public sealed class OleDocumentFormat


Name Description
OleDocumentFormat(Guid) Initializes a new instance of the OleDocumentFormat class.


Name Description
static AdobeAcrobatDocument { get; } Adobe PDF format.
static MicrosoftOfficeExcelWorksheet { get; } Microsoft office exccel format.
static MicrosoftOfficeWordDocument { get; } Microsoft office word format.
static MicrosoftOutlookMessage { get; } Microsoft outlook message format.
static MicrosoftPhotoEditor { get; } Microsoft Photo Editor type.
static MicrosoftPowerPointPresentation { get; } Microsoft power point format.
static Paintbrush { get; } Paintbrush type.
static PictureMetafile { get; } Picture(Metafile) type.
static Unknown { get; } Unknown type.


Name Description
override Equals(object) Returns a value indicating whether this instance is equal to a specified object.
override GetHashCode() Returns the hash code of this instance.
override ToString() Overridden. Returns a string representation of this instance.

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