The Aspose.Email.PersonalInfo.VCard namespace contains classes for work with VCard file format.


Class Description
VCardAgent Represents a vCard Agent property
VCardContact Represents a vCard contact
VCardDeliveryAddress Represents a vCard delivery address
VCardDeliveryAddressCollection Represents a collection of VCardDeliveryAddresses
VCardEmail Represents vCard email
VCardEmailCollection Represents a collection of VCardEmails
VCardExplanatoryInfo Represents vCard explanatory properties
VCardFullName Represents vCard contact full name (N property)
VCardGeo Represents a global positioning of vCard contact
VCardIdentificationInfo Represents vCard identification information
VCardLabel To specify the formatted text corresponding to delivery address of the object the vCard represents.
VCardLabelCollection Represents a collection of VCardLabel
VCardOrganization Represents vCard organization properties
VCardPhoto Represents vCard photo property
VCardSaveOptions Represents vCard save options
VCardSecurity Represents a vCard security properties
VCardSound Represents a vCard sound property
VCardTelephoneNumber Represents a vCard telephone number
VCardTelephoneNumberCollection Represents a collection of VCardTelephoneNumbers
VCardUrl Represents a vCard URL property
VCardUrlCollection Represents a collection of VCardUrls


Enumeration Description
VCardDeliveryAddressType Enumerates a vCard delivery address types
VCardEmailType Enumerates vCard email types
VCardPhotoType Enumerates vCard photo type
VCardSoundType Enumerates a cVard sound types
VCardTelephoneType Enumerates a vCard telephone types
VCardUrlType Enumerates url type
VCardValueLocation Enumerates the vCard property parameter ValueLocation.
VCardVersion Enumerates vCard version